Incorporating Reading Into The Content Areas

Hey friends! I hope that you are finding yourself well rested 🙂 Probably not likely, considering it’s the beginning of the school year!! I hope that you all are finding some down time and are not too stressed!!
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One of the hardest things as teacher is to teach ALL the subjects in a short time frame. With all of the things that can sometimes be thrown at us, sometimes it’s hard to fit in Science and Social Studies. Now, don’t get me wrong Science should be taught using hands on and engaging activities! However, we can also incorporate our science lessons to into our reading and have a successful day! It’s a balance, students still need the ever so important vocabulary, why not use Science or Social Studies vocabulary during our reading instruction??
One way to do this is by using Vocabulary Cards during your reading stations or center work. The pictures show different Science Vocabulary Cards that I created and use during my station or center time. 

You can use these cards in so many ways! You can print multiple sets and have students play “Memory”. My students love to play a version of “around the world” with them! What we do is have one student read the definition, then they go around in the circle until someone can correctly identify the vocabulary card.
Or you can secure them on a binder ring and use as a reference, or  use them during read to a buddy time. 

I also created this science reader and placed it in my library. Along with Reading A-Z Books, I place these in a basket during “Read to Self” time. Two to Three days a week, during “Read To Self”, we are reading in the content area. The other days I let the students chose a book that fits their personality and reading style. This helps with our content area vocabulary and knowledge base. It ties the subjects together and the students are not only practicing their reading skills, but they are also gaining valuable information from other content areas. Again, this is NOT the ONLY way I teach the content areas, just extra steps I take to ensure my students are receiving a balanced instructional plan.
I also use printable read aloud to introduce each standard of learning. Once I’ve exposed them to the topic, the book goes into our library so they can explore it on their own! 

All of these activities came from my Science-Center-and-Vocabulary-Resource-Packet- Which contains topics & centers from Seasons, Earth Resources, Recycling, Sound, Parts of a Plant, Magnets and tons of Vocabulary Cards!!
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