Fall Book Activities Blog Hop

Hey Friends! I got together with some of my sweet blogging friends to host a little Fall
Blog Hop!
We wanted to bring you suggestions for read alouds and activities to do for fall!!!
One of my favorite books for fall is “Paddlefoot Pumpernickel’s Pumpkin” by Lucainne DeLong. 

This book is such a great story for firsties! The story is about a boy who is trying to find the biggest, best, most amazing pumpkin ever….and all he really needs is something that’s a little different. I love this book because it reminds me of life sometimes! I think even as *adults* we get that mentality that we need the “biggest, best and most amazing things ever”…but do we really? Can’t we just be our amazing, unique selves and have that be okay? That’s the moral of this story and I LOVE expressing that to kids! It’s okay to be different and be your own person.
I will  admit, I’m a tad bit sad! I had a TON of pictures of a craft I did with this story and I can’t find them at all! Basically, I made a pumpkin template, and gave the kids all sorts of different supplies. The kids were allowed to decorate and make the pumpkin however they wanted..it didn’t have to be any certain color. So to make up for my lack of pictures, I made this little printable for you!
A few of my favorite fall read alouds:
*There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves!
*Halloween Mice!
*The Berenstein Bears and the Prize Pumpkin
*Clifford’s First Halloween
*Flat Stanley and The Haunted House
*Leaf Man
Hop on over to my friend’s blog to check out all the other great posts! 

Speaking of Fall, I just posted my Fall-Literacy-Centers-for-Big-Kids-8-Centers
It’s geared towards the intermediate grades, since that’s the area I am currently working in!! 
Till next time 🙂 

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1 thought on “Fall Book Activities Blog Hop”

  1. I love this! My favorite Fall books are: Fletchers Falling Leaves by: Julia Rawlinson
    Hello, Harvest Moon. by:Ralph Fletcher
    Fall Mixed up By Bob Raczka
    Boo! By Robert Munsch
    My favorite fall/halloween/ ******Perfect Pumpkin Pie By Denys Cazet*******
    Sometimes it's Turkey and Sometimes it's Feathers by Balian
    Mousekins Golden House by Edna Miller

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