Free March Literacy Centers

Hey friends 🙂 I can’t believe March is almost here. This school year is really going by so fast. I feel like we just started in August!   My sweet friend that teaches 3rd grade asked me to whip something up for her that her students needed practice with! I thought it would be a great time for FREE March Literacy Centers.
In these free literacy centers for March, students practice vocabulary skills that they need in order to develop a stronger foundation in reading comprehension. Sometimes we get hung up on the fact that students are comprehending what they read without thinking why are they not understanding the text that they are reading? For this reason, we worked vocabulary development.. Through these activities, I see students who have a broader knowledge in their vocabulary skills.
free march literacy centers
free march literacy centers

I don’t know about y’all but once again, we are gearing up for Spring Fever.

If your students are enjoying the free activities, I created a few more that might help you out. These activities are more for first or second grade, but could work with lower third grade students.

Don’t forget to download your free literacy centers. I’ve included synonym practice and ABC Order so that kids could have a variety of literacy work station ideas. It’s important to know these games can be used with a partner or at a center. I also use them during my guided reading group. I want students to enjoy the time they come to work with me and I can accomplish that by playing a game with them!

What skills are you teaching this month? You can always use the contact me button to  let me know what areas your students need practice with. I really enjoy making and creating games for kids to play.

Click below to grab your FREE file!  March Freebie

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