Guided Math: Word Problems and Spiral Review

The end is near friends! We have about 15 days of school left! I’m currently in that review status..but I wanted to talk a little bit about guided math and the benefits.
We have benchmarks twice a year. Our first one was in the fall (pre-guided math). My kiddos did not do well at all! It was very sad. I hadn’t yet started my “guided math”. In fact, I’d only had the kiddos for about two weeks (remember, I started in November). But I still hated seeing them struggle so much. So around Christmas, I implemented a full guided math program. 
I have five or six stations: technology, math literacy, manipulatives, spiral review, puzzles and hands on centers are just a few of the staples I use. 
 For one of my spiral review centers, I used my data to decide which centers my kiddos needed more of. I went with word problems. This is an area that my kiddos struggle with consistently.  What I loved, is that my kiddos were reading and doing math at the same time! I love being about to combine the two subjects! You get more bang for your buck that way! My kiddos loved using my word problem cards in guided math!

These cards are a great tool any time of the year! I’m working on a second set that I intend on sending home for summer review 🙂
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