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Hey friends! I’m in full classroom setup swing! I  have only had three days in my room and feel progress and overwhelmed at the same time. My sweet colleague sent me a ton of books that were labeled and ready to go! So I’ve spent some time merging my existing library books into the system she created. It’s a sticker system where each book has a sticker that matches the book basket. I am so excited about it and will post pictures and more about it once I’m all finished.
I haven’t even glued the labels yet. You can check out the labels right here.

Classroom Library Labels

Something else I’m super excited about is the implementation of interactive notebooks. Here’s a look at how we’ve implemented them in the past. 
I have two interactive notebooks I use.  I typically cut out the header pieces for the students at the beginning of the year, but I want them to cut and sort the words on their own. 

The first notebook includes skills over 20 activities working on sight words, blends, rhyming words, long and short vowel words and much more 🙂

Interactive notebooks give students a chance to practice on those important reading strategies while being engaged at the same time. Student engagement is the key to students successfully learning a concept.

Interactive Notebook

The kiddos LOVED the blend activity. You can differentiate it so easily by having the students write sentences under the flap or they could draw another picture. 

This is the story element activity. 
This is a noun and verb word sort. 

This is my mess I need to get finished up 🙂 Still so much to do and so little time!!! This is me pretending not to freak out 🙂 

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