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Hey friends! I’m excited to share with you a few products from Carson Dellosa!! I’m really so happy to be working with them through their brand ambassador program! 
First, I have the learning targets! These cards can be used in “I Can Statements” or “Essential Questions”. We use the Essential Questions format in my classroom. We review the questions every afternoon. It gives us a way to recap our day and allows the students the chance to reflect on each skill we discussed. Eventually, the students will respond to these “essential questions”  in their response journal, but we aren’t quite ready for that!
I store my learning targets in a pocket chart in the front of my classroom. 

 I love these questions because they cover a wide range of topics and skills.  I love this little video regarding the learning targets!!! 
I also received Common Core 4 Today workbooks for my son. I really like the workbooks because he was able to do them as a supplement to his curriculum. My little one isn’t exactly thrilled about the idea of school, but he enjoyed these workbooks! They are skill based and include assessments. I like how the book contains several different components.  We especially liked the writing component. 
Lastly, I reviewed the Spectrum Writing workbook.  The neat thing about Carson Dellosa is that they are turning to create more digital based products. I like that because I for one am getting rid of my filing cabinet next year! This product was so easy to use. I have two high students who are using it, as well as my little one. It’s perfect because the format is very kid friendly. The examples are clear and concise.  As a teacher, writing is one of my least favorite subjects to teach because I feel like I NEVER have enough  to teach it. So this was a great resource to have to use with my higher students. 
Review Disclaimer: I participate in the Brand Ambassador Program for CarsonDellosa and have received this product for free to review.

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