Summer Reading Tips for Parents

Summer Reading Tips

Wow! It’s already June 2021- Can you believe it? I feel like the 2020-2021 school year…well..nevermind. I’m not going there! Regardless of how difficult of year it was, we still have work to do. Students need to be reading more this summer than ever before. So I’ve put some summer reading tips together for you to help your students stay on track!

Summer Reading Tip #1

It’s not uncommon during the school year for students and teachers to be so focused on programs (like AR). I’m not going into my thoughts into those programs, but I am going to say the summer is a great time to focus on reading ANYTHING. I order National Geographic Magazines for my kids each year. These are usually high interest topics that are informative and FUN!


Summer Reading Tip #2

Summer is a great time to spend a night a week watching our favorite movies. I encourage parents and teachers to find movies that have a book that goes along with it! This can be a great way to compare and contrast. For instance, find a movie that interest your kids and has a book that you all can read afterwards! I’ve made a list for you to search right here. Some books might have a higher reading level but that’s okay! In conclusion, if that is the case, use this is an opportunity to read to your kids and model what good reading looks like!

Summer Reading Tip #3

Listening to books can be a very effective tool to increase comprehension. Using audio books will help students who maybe don’t want to read as often while encouraging them to still think and understand the text. Furthermore, listening allows students to still become engaged with the topic without struggling to decode or break apart words.

Summer Reading Tip #4

Provide students with the opportunity to read about topics they enjoy. Do not restrict them based on “a program”. Students who are reluctant readers, usually will be interested in reading in high interest topics. I use printables on dirt bikes, snakes, baseball and more!

I put these lists together for reluctant readers for you to check out!

List 1 for reluctant readers

Summer Reading Tip #5

Another summer reading tip is to use a daily intervention binder to help students gain confidence in their reading ability. Students who struggle in reading often have a phonics or fluency gap. Parents often tell me “Ashley, my student isn’t understanding what they are reading.”. If this is your students, please message me. We now offer hard copies of our intervention binders so we can ship these RIGHT to you!