Engaging Classroom Learning Games

Fun and Engaging Classroom Games for the elementary classroom. This post is full of fun and engaging classroom learning games to learn difficult concepts.

Classroom Fun and Engaging Games – Toss A Ball

For this fun classroom activity, call out a spelling word. Next, toss a small ball to a student. If the student spells the word correctly, they may toss the ball to a classmate. The classmate will spell the next word. Repeat this for as long as desired.

Beat The Clock- Fun Classroom Games

Take a set of skill based flash cards. This activity is great as a warm up or activating prior knowledge activity. Show a student a card and repeat until the deck of cards is finished. Time and record the activity. Each round, try to see if the class can “beat the clock”.

Rounding Math Learning Games

Use these rounding math games to help students grasp the difficult concept of rounding. Students use the number lines to find “Who’s Closer”. My students also really enjoy the twist on dominoes. Students seem to really grasp this concept because they are able to see the numbers grow AND place them in the correct place. Each and every year, students rave over this rounding math center. This is one of our favorite fun and engaging classroom learning games to play during our math block.

rounding math games

rounding math games for elementary classroom

Word Building Learning Games

Use these word building cards to engage students on building and decoding words. These games are so fun and engaging for kids. Just print and add clothespins.

Teaching can be fun and engaging with just a little addition of games! This makes our classroom learning fun and student engagement will increase.

Add red solo cups and let students build a sight word tower! Students LOVE this activity and I enjoy walking around to hear all of the words they are reading.

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