Interactive Reading Notebook for First and Second Grade

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Reading Interactive Notebook For First Grade. This interactive reading notebook will help your students stay engaged during whole group reading instruction. This notebook includes over 20 literacy based activities!

*Long/Short Vowel Word Sort (with pictures)- Phonics

*Person, Place Or Thing Word Sort (with pictures)- Parts of Speech

*Noun/ Verb Word Sort (with pictures)- Parts of Speech

*Describing Activity (Intro to Adjectives)- Parts of Speech

*Blends Word Sorts- sh, ch, bl, cr, fl- Phonics

*Main Idea Activity- Reading Comprehension

*Story Elements- Reading Comprehension

*Problem and Solution- Reading Comprehension

*Fiction/Nonfiction activity- Reading Comprehension

*Long A Rhyming - Phonics

*Long E Rhyming- Phonics

*Long I Rhyming- Phonics

*Long O Rhyming- Phonics

*Long U Rhyming- Phonics

*Beginning, Middle and End Foldable- Reading Comprehension

*Sight Word ABC Order (2 activities)

*New Words Activity

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Interactive Reading Notebook for First Grade

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