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This unit contains hands on activities to teach multiplication! They are engaging and low prep!

*Spin A Fact (Multiplication Game)

*Let's Multiply- Students use a deck of cards to build multiplication equations and find the products.

*Multiplication Four In a Row (3 Games)

*Multiplication Match Up- Students Match the equation to the correct picture.

*Multiplication Word Problems- Students solve the word problems on the task cards.

*Multiplication Choice Boards- ( 4 Boards) Mixture of multiplication and comparison problems.

*Multiplication Word Problem Work Boards- Students can practice solving word problems while showing that they've demonstrated how to use strategies to solve.

*Model Word Problems- Students have a step by step guided to help them solve tricky word problems.

*Multiplication Arrays

*Multiplication Tic Tac Toe- One digit, one digit by two digit, and two digit by two digit

*Estimate the Product Practice Pages

*Box Method Printables

*What's the equation?- Students use a bubble map to identify the equation for the given multiples

*Multiplication Drill Practice

*Missing Multiples- Students practice finding the multiples! Great for homework practice!

*Task Cards Set 1- 12 Task cards using the comparison method

*Task Cards Set 2- 12 Task cards practicing word problems!

Six additional sets of multiplication task cards. Students practice creating and solving multiplication sentences. Students practice multiplication facts through creating and understanding arrays.

Use these task cards and printable recording sheets for guided math, small group instruction, independent work, or whole group instruction. Students love working in partners to complete these multiplication task cards!

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