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Reading Intervention for Kindergarten through Second Grade

This reading intervention binder is designed for your K-2 readers. The activities are designed to work through short vowel word families to enable students to develop a strong reading foundation. The binder is divided up into 13 sections. You can use the with the grade level specific intervention binders. I will be adding long vowels and additional word families to this binder.

*Assessments- word families tested: am, at, an, ag, et, en, in, ig, og, op, ob, ut, un.

*Word Family Anchor Charts- am, at, an, ag, et, en,eg,it, in, ig, ip, og, op, ob, ut, un, ug, ut, ake,ale, ail, ame, ee, ea, ell, ice, ite, oke, ole, ow, ue

*Write The Word Families- Students write, trace and decorate the words

*Three in a Row- Students read the words and cover the correct word with a marker

*Find and Read- Students find the given word family in the word search and then record their answers.

*Top It Off- Students record as many words as they can on the ice cream cones

*Word Family Ladders- Students change the beginning sounds to make new words in the given word family.

*Match it Up- Students match the correct word to the correct picture. (12 pages).

*Build it! Write It- Students build the word and then write it. Students can use scrabble tiles or magnetic letters.

*Write The Word- Students practice writing words in a given word family.

*Word Family Fast Reads- Students practice fluency by reading the words in the given word families quickly.

*Word family Sentence Fast Reads- Students practice fluency by reading the sentences given. Teacher Data Sheets included (16 pages)

*Nonsense Word Families- Students read the words in the word bank and circle the nonsense ones. Then, they record the words correctly. (20 pages)

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