Kindergarten Reading Intervention

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Kindergarten Reading Intervention

This reading intervention binder designed for small group instruction for kindergarten. The binder includes over 350 pages of engaging and unique intervention activities.


Assessments- Beginning Letter/Sound Pre & Post Assessment, Formative Beginning Sound Assessment, Rhyming Assessment, Sight Word Assessments (Reading Levels A-D, 1-6), Word Awareness Assessment, Syllable Assessment

Letter Sound Identification:

I know My Letters/ Sounds , Beginning Sounds, I know my beginning sounds

Alphabet Book-Directions and examples of how to teach unknown letters/sounds with this hands on mini book! Mini book included

Alphabet Circle and Write it~Students explore beginning sounds in this fun activity! They also practice writing words that will develop their reading development

Sight Words- I Say Words ( 20 pages), Read, Trace and Write the Words, (6 Pages), I Say Sentences (20 pages), Sight Word Fast Reads, I Say You Point

Rhyming Words- Word Family Poems- an, -ag, ad, ap, am, at, en, et, ed, eg, it, ig, ip, in, ob, op, ot, og, ub, ug, un, ut.

Rhyme Time (6 pages)

Syllables Activities: Syllable Count (6 Pages), How Many Syllables (6 Pages)

Decoding- Students practice decoding cvc words (45 pages)

Word Building: Students identify the begining sound of a word. (19 Pages)

Short Vowel Four in a Row~ two levels provided for differentiation

Short Vowel Find and Circle~ Students find and circle common short vowel words.

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