PreKindergarten Reading Intervention Binder

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This Pre-Kindergarten Intervention Binder is full of critical skills students need for a strong foundation. This binder is made up of five easy to use sections: Assessments, Phonemic Awareness, Phonological Awareness, Alphabet Awareness, and Reading Readiness.

The assessments are set up to allow teachers to easily monitor student progress from each section of the binder to allow for specialized instruction and to easily track student growth.

The phonemic awareness section of the binder allows students to easily work on manipulating letter sounds in words to prepare for effective reading progress through second grade.

Phonological awareness activities give students fun and different methods to practice rhyming, alliteration, and counting syllables.

Alphabet Awareness and Reading Readiness sections of the binder provide interactive activities for students to be exposed to learning letters and letters sounds while preparing for reading through word blending, understanding differences in letters versus words, left to write reading progression, listening comprehension, and understanding of parts of a book.

Teachers will feel confident tracking student progress and ensuring students are meeting and exceeding in the skills needed to be successful readers entering kindergarten with this fun, easy to use and comprehensive Pre-Kindergarten binder!
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