Solar System Phases of the Moon Teaching Unit

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Solar System Teaching Unit

Are you teaching students about the phases of the moon? This unit is designed to help teachers give students instruction on Earth's Place in Space through a reading standard format.

*Phases of the Moon (4 and 8 included)

*Tide Rotation

*Solar and Lunar Eclipse


*Revolutions vs Rotations

*Asteroids, Comets and Meteors

*Anchor Charts

*Vocabulary Cards

*Graphic Organizers

* Two forms of assessment

*Reading Passages

Major Standards Included: SC.4.E.5.2 Describe the changes in the observable shape of the Moon over the course of about a month.

SC.4.E.5.3 Recognize that Earth revolves around the Sun in a year and rotates on its axis in a 24-hour day

SC.4.E.5.4 Relate that the rotation of Earth (day and night) and apparent movements of the Sun, Moon and stars are connected

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