Third Grade Reading Intervention Binder

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Reading Intervention Activities for Third Grade.

This reading intervention binder was created by reading specialist. It is designed for small group instruction for third grade. The binder includes over 350 pages of engaging and unique intervention activities. You can read about that here.


Reading Assessments- Formative Assessments, Vocabulary Assessments, Fluency Assessments

Vocabulary- Lists/Assessments of most commonly used words, Concept of Word Lists, My Word Maps, Toss a Word, Compound Words, and Word Cards

Synonyms- 3practice pages

Antonyms- 3 Practice pages

Synonyms/Antonyms- 3 practice pages

Break It/ Blend It- Students break up the word and blend it together

Sight Words- I Say Words, Sight Words Three In A Row, ABC Order, Data Collection Sheets, Toss a Word, Sight Word Hunts

Read It Right- practice reading similar words in the correct context.

ABC Order- Vocabulary Words, Family Words and Sight Words

Fluency: Fluency Paragraphs, I Say You Point, Fast Reads , Assessments included

Comprehension: Main Idea, Making Connections, Story Spinners , Finish the Sentence, Story Map,Reading Journal, Story Sequence, Making Predictions, KKL, Character Comparison, Reading Comprehension Passages, Determining Importance, Summarizing Strategies, Fact and Opinion, Determine the Theme, Comprehension Exit Ticket, Author's Purpose, Problem and Solution, Cause and Effect, Story Elements, Nonfiction Passages, Compare and Contrast, Understanding Characters, Question Stems for each standard included

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