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I  am teaching 2nd,3rd and 4th graders in summer school! What a challenge this is! I thought I would be able to differentiate things I already had and make it work. I was wrong 🙁 I  am teaching reading and wanted to use very little paper-pencil activities. So I asked around and found out some of the skills that the students still needed practice with. The skill that most of the teachers mentioned was Main Idea. So I dug through all of my activities to see what I had. Not much. Not much that I could use with a group of students entering the 5th grade! So I went to the beloved Teachers Pay Teachers. I found some FABULOUS PACKETS!! Amy Lemons from Step Into Second Grade has a wonderful packet that is so easy to use! I purchased her

 Whats-the-Main-Idea packet. It includes loads of cute hands on “craftivities” that the students LOVED! I loved that I could use the same craftivity, just change the stories as needed.

   Another great packet I found, was from Coconut Cuties! Their  Main-Idea-Story-Sacks are great for 3rd and 4th grade strugglers. It’s easy to put together and different from anything they are used to. These students work out of work books all year long, so for them, these activities have been wonderful.  I came up with a quick activity as well to go a long with our “Summer Camp” Theme.  My camera is acting up but the kids used these printables, and glued them to brown paper to make our own “Smores”. We glued the title heading at the top of the page. Then colored and cut the smore. Finally, they glued the smore under the heading. They turned out so great! Hopefully, I can get some pictures by Monday!

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