Balanced Literacy Plunge

As an elementary teacher, I find that the balanced literacy approach is something that I simply cannot live without. One approach that I’ve added to my day is that I try to add at least two content area centers throughout the week. We have seven stations a day, so that’s pretty easy for us to …

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ABC Order

I know this probably comes as a ~huge~ surprise  but I love teaching ABC Order. It’s such a great way to challenge students to use their critical thinking skills. My oldest kiddo and I have been working really hard on ABC order  the past few weeks and I wanted to share with you some of the resources …

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Patriotism & Veteran’s Day

Well, I am HAPPY to report that my husband made it home safely from his deployment! What an  experience it was! I’ve never experienced a carrier homecoming before, let alone one that was decommissioning  It was such an awesome experience! Needless to say, I am one **SUPER** Proud Navy Wife!! This picture was taken *after* he …

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