Classroom Makeover Ideas


Classroom Makeover Ideas Preparing the Classroom Walls Hey friends! I’m Ashley Benoit and I want to share with you about my classroom make over! I’m not sure if you saw on my FB Page, but this school year, I’ve returned to a third grade teaching position. I’m super excited about this transition and wanted to share …

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Classroom Library on a Budget

Hey everyone! Here’s an oldie that I’d thought I’d bring out that was shared on my friend Denise’s Blog.  In this post, I discuss building a classroom library on a budget for teachers! Teachers are always scrambling to find good resources for their classroom library and I thought I’d share some budget friendly tips I’ve …

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CLassroom Library Organization

  Classroom Library Organization Hey friends!    I wanted to share a few tips about organizing your classroom library. The classroom library is simply one of the most important components to your classroom. In the primary grades, this is where students can fall in love with reading. My desire is to have a neat and …

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Classroom Reveal 2015

Hey friends! I’m a little behind, but I wanted to share my classroom with you! We started school Tuesday, and as you can imagine, I’m so exhausted! So I figured it was a great time to relax as I share my space with you! This year, I painted my bulletin boards and am so excited …

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More Back To School

Hey friends! I’m in full classroom setup swing! I  have only had three days in my room and feel progress and overwhelmed at the same time. My sweet colleague sent me a ton of books that were labeled and ready to go! So I’ve spent some time merging my existing library books into the system …

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