Classroom Makeover Ideas


Classroom Makeover Ideas Preparing the Classroom Walls Hey friends! I’m Ashley Benoit and I want to share with you about my classroom make over! I’m not sure if you saw on my FB Page, but this school year, I’ve returned to a third grade teaching position. I’m super excited about this transition and wanted to share …

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Exhaustion at it’s finest

So! A little update! As you know, I’ve been without a full time teaching position for a little over a year. My family moved last fall when my husband was transferred to VA. In the meantime, I’ve been volunteering, substituting and doing anything to just get out there and be involved in the schools. I’ve …

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Back To School Ideas

Well, it’s that time of the year….Back To School  You are either on cloud nine, or dreading it!! We are never in the middle! For me, I am super excited for school to start this year!! Back to school season is certainly one of the most tiring seasons as a teacher, but I am still …

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For the Love of Chevron!!!

So I don’t know about ya’ll but at my former school we had to have EVERYTHING labeled! I always just hand wrote my labels on sentence strips. Now don’t get me wrong..it worked…..but then I was exposed to CHEVRON. After I purchased the FABULOUS Cara Carroll’s Chevron-Classroom-Decor-Bundle …I was HOOKED!! After I printed everything out from her file …

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