Inspire. Dream. Believe

I don’t know if you caught Deanna Jump on CNN last night…but it was truly inspiring. Not only for the amount of money she has made, but the way that her products have changed so many teachers lives. How many people can say they made an investment that helped as many people as she has? Think about this….teachers have always helped each other, that’s how we get through our jobs, and this is no different. The sellers on TpT, are just HELPING us. They are creating materials and selling them at a reasonable price to help us teach the skills we need to teach. I think about my career before Teachers Pay Teachers and how much of a better teacher I am now because of it.So many advantages to this site, but one that I just LOVE is that once your purchase a file, you have it forever! Remember going to the teacher store and buying a book about literacy centers….tearing it all apart for the one center you need. You just spent $25.00 probably for a “few” centers! Crazy! Now we can go find the exact skill we are teaching, and save it! That way if you need multiple copies for small group instruction, or the kiddos mess it up, guess what, you just re-print! Such a grand idea! I am in LOVE with TpT and have made over 125 purchases! I love my little digital collection of files…and that reminds me..back up your files! Several Times! Don’t lose your files!I also love the fact that we know these centers are created by teachers. Someone who probably just got through teaching the exact skill that I am teaching and knows the rigor that it needs to be taught at….

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If you didn’t catch the video of Deanna, check it out HERE! She is so humble, kind and willing to help anyone. Such a wonderful person! 
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