Fall Literacy And Math Mega Center Packet and a FREEBIE!

Hey Y’all!! I updated my Fall-Literacy-and-Math-Center-Mega-Packet21-Centers! It’ now contains *21* centers! For the same price! So if you have already purchased this file, be sure to go to “My Purchases” and re-download! 

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This packet includes my fall literacy packet and math packet combined! With 16 Literacy Centers, and 5 Math Centers. It Includes B&W Recording Sheets

Harvest Theme: (Can use throughout fall)
Noun/ Verb Word Sort- Students sort the word cards by nouns/ verbs

Noun Words Sort (Person, Place or Thing)- Students sort the words by person, place or thing.

ABC Order- Students read the word cards, then arrange them in ABC order. Recording sheet included. 

Rhyme Time- Students read the word cards and match them with a word that rhymes.

Sentence Scramble- Students arrange the word cards in the correct sentence. 

Noun Word Sort
ABC Order
Rhyme Time
Sentence Scramble
Noun ,Verb, Adjective Word Sort
ABC Order
Rhyme Time
Sentence Scramble
Math Centers:
Packet includes:

Hay Ride Time
Fall into place Value
Collecting Coins
Fall into double facts

Bonus*3 Sets of ABC Order, 1 Raking Up Double Facts Math Center*

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