Preparing for Winter

Winter Literacy Centers for First Grade


This *Texas* Family is starting to feel very outta place up here in VA!!! We are NOT used to this cold weather! It’s so funny, because our kids are only used to “light” jackets. We had to go and buy real, heavy, jackets recently, and they were so confused! Now that’s starting to cool down, they are starting to understand 🙂 To say we miss Texas, would be an understatement!!!! But we are making it work here!  We are just glad to all be together for a while. You just never know what the Navy has in store!!

God has been working so much in our lives. Since we’ve moved, I have yet to find a teaching position. It’s been nice staying home with my kids, and helping my son with his school work. A lot of my creations lately, are projects he needed.

So few positions posted lately, and then all the sudden, I get a few phone calls! Say a prayer for me as this week I have job interviews!! I am SO excited and nervous!

My little firstie LOVES Frosty The Snowman! So I created THIS packet to work with him over winter break. The neat thing is, this packet can be used from now until February!

This packet contains 8 Winter Literacy Centers PLUS Word Wall Cards!

*Winter Vowel Word Sort
Sort the words by long and short vowels. I included two versions of this for differentiated instruction. One version includes pictures, the other does not.
*Parts Of Speech are “Snow” Much Fun!
Sort the words by nouns,verbs and adjectives
*Winter ABC Order
*I Can Make Words:Winter Edition
*Frosty For Synonyms
*Antonym Word Sort
*Winter Real/Nonsense Compound Words

I am using the word wall cards for a variety of things. I am going to place them around and have him do sort of a “Read/Write The Room” type of activity.

This packet is on sale for the next 24 hours, so head on  over and check it out HERE!

Next week, We are going to watch the Polar Express for our family Movie Night! I’ve already printed and started laminating for our after school centers. I am using Katie from Queen of The First Grade Jungle newest creation All-Aboard-A-Polar-Express-Mini-Unit! I am in LOVE with this unit! It has so many things that I can use, just at home!

Anyways, even though I’m not in the classroom right now, I am still teaching! Every single day! My own children are perhaps THE most important students I’ll ever have. I do still wish that I can somehow get back into the classroom soon. I sure do miss so many things about teaching in a school setting. God has a plan, and I will just have to wait and see what that is!

Till Next Time:)

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