ABC Order

I know this probably comes as a ~huge~ surprise  but I love teaching ABC Order. It’s such a great way to challenge students to use their critical thinking skills. My oldest kiddo and I have been working really hard on ABC order  the past few weeks and I wanted to share with you some of the resources we are using! I created a “to go” set of centers. These are small, compact and we can use them ANYWHERE! I made them with Spring Break in mind, because we were road tripping. I gave my kiddo a set of these cards, and he went to town in the back seat! It was perfect because that way they weren’t in the backseat watching movies for an entire 8 hours! 
 My ABC-Order-Rings-To-Go-Literacy-Centers are so easy to use. They contain 6 different literacy centers. Four sight word ABC Order centers, one color word set, and one number word set. They are also so easy to make. You just print, laminate and cut! Then, you secure the cards with a binder ring. They are also good for flash reading. You can send these home with your students for extra practice at home! I have these cards on sale through tonight, so get them while they are a little bit cheaper! 
Here is another great resource for Spring and ABC Order! Check out my Spring Literacy and Math Packet Spring-Mega-Literacy-Math-Center-Packet-22-Centers
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My hubby has asked me about nine times if I’ve started planning our trip home to the sunshine state this year…I better get to planning because if I don’t pencil in Mickey Mouse..he sure as heck won’t just appear at our doorstep! 
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