CVC Words and Legos..Endless Possibilities!

I know you are all probably so exhausted from getting your rooms ready and the beginning of the year frenzy! It is SUCH a rush! But I tell ya what..I’d give anything to be feeling that right now! I miss it so much!
One thing about me is that I LOVE Legos! I love using them at home and in the classroom! They promote higher order thinking and creativity, and those are skills that are very hard to teach!
I wanted to share a few of my favorite things and resources with you all!
This next trick as been around for a while.. but I wanted to tell you how I use it!
 Magnet tape and a cookie sheet!!! I bought my cookie sheets at Wal Mart for a STEAL of .92 cents!
I am working with my little guy on sight words! We are always working on these I feel like. But  I need to change it up.  So I used my Sight Word cards from my Ultimate Literacy Center Packet and good ole fashioned Legos! My kiddos LOVE Legos…what kid doesn’t??!?! 

 We used two different color Legos as our game pieces 🙂 

We just played a good ole fashioned Tic Tac Toe…only with reading..and Legos! This really got my kiddo excited about reading! That is a VERY hard thing to do! I was so proud of my little one, after a few different levels of this, the little one was breezing through the sight words! The Legos really helped because it got the little one to WANT to play the game! That’s a hard thing to do! 
Once we got the sight words down pat, we moved on to ABC Order
The card arranged nicely onto the cookie sheet! It’s amazing how a little magnetic tape makes a difference with kiddos! I wanted to shout, we’ve done this activity before and you could care less!! Haha, but I kept those thoughts to myself 🙂 
I just thought I’d share an easy way to spruce up your literacy centers…it’s an old trick..but boy is it a good one!!! 
All of these activities came from my Ultimate-Literacy-Center-Packet-20-Centers
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