Word Family Fun

I know a lot of teachers, who are not teachers at home! I understand this when we work 10 hour days and then drive back and forth to little league, soccer practices or other after school activities. I get it. I remember. But summer time is a great time to work with our own little ones..and this year that’s just what I did! 

First off,  I have a little one starting Kindergarten this year (SO SAD!) 
My oldest is starting second grade!! Can’t believe how big they are!!

Here are a few things we worked on!!

I know I’ve talked a lot about CVC words this summer, but that’s what we spent a lot of time on!!

CVC Word Activities:

CVC Word Tic Tac Toe! The kiddos LOVED this!!

You can check out this packet right here

I have tons of different center ideas in this packet! From ABC Order, Words Sorts, Tic Tac Toe! It’s loads of fun!!! 

Word Family Literacy Centers 

For oldest one, we worked on Word Families a lot!

I made two “Word Family Binders“. One has, word family charts in it that we would visit and talk about each word and it’s meaning. 

The other binder, has fill in the blank word family cards. They used a visa vie marker and made new words on them! 

You could organize this binder in so many ways! You could put the matching word family chart and the fill in the blank cards together! I like to keep them separate so I can use the visual aides during my small group instruction.
All of these activities come from my Word-Family-Cards-Literacy-Centers
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