Our week in Reading!

This week we started out Author’s Purpose unit. What a fun week we had!
We got to read a lot of really interesting stories and discuss their meanings. We also started our small group instruction routine! We are doing a daily five break down, but we have two teachers in the room. One is doing a guided reading program, the other is reinforcing the skill for the week with hands on activities!
We started the week with a simple foldable I created. 

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 After reading “The Story of Ruby Bridges”, we discussed the purpose of the book. The kids really enjoyed this story! I love sneaking in little stories like that into my reading, teaching them not only the Author’s Purpose, but history at the same time 🙂 Two birds, one stone 🙂
Then, in our small groups we used several different resources: 
I made a new activity to go along with our lesson. It’s a simple but effective memory game. Students have to read the passages and match it to the correct type of Author’s Purpose. 

You can check that out HERE
Next week, we are diving into Main Idea. Here are a few resources I plan to use!
Our fourth grade students are LOVING these choice boards: 

Read Alouds For Main Idea:
Cowboy Camp
Sweet Tooth

The Great Kapok Tree
Miss Rumphius

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