Guided Math and More Guided Math

Hey friends! We’ve been slammed the last few weeks, so I’m so sorry that I haven’t had much time to stop by.
We’ve been hitting some major skills the last few weeks. From Problem and Solution , Main Idea and Author’s Purpose, Text Features..AND Cause and Effect! We’ve been jammed packed! On top of all of that we’ve been working on our guided math routine. I know y’all can relate to the crazy life we call teaching! Sometimes I can’t even believe we are able to teach our little ones so much! With all the workshops, meetings, and trainings, it makes prep time super precious!! I know I’m preachin’ to the choir here 😉

Guided Math Centers

So let me tell you how I’ve adapted to the lack of planning time. I HAVE to teach with hands on centers, it just has to happen. For the first time, I’m at a school where colored ink is like liquid gold..LITERALLY! So I’ve had to change up my centers a bit. I’m no longer blessed with AS MUCH ink as I wanted (like in Texas). 
So I’ve been using quick and easy centers. These Math Stations are so easy to put together. I’ve made them so that I have to spend little time cutting, and I just laminate, hole punch and go! Some centers do not even have to be cut out.
I am absolutely love giving my kiddos an option of their learning centers. So these Multiplication Choice Boards are perfect for that! And they are differentiated so that you can use them for all of your students, no matter their level! 
The students complete these and record their answers in their math journals. 

I made three versions, a full page color version, a full page B&W Version and a half page version.

I also use these math centers in my guided math routine. Each basket has a centers on a previously taught skill. The skills we’ve been working with is Place Value, Multiplication, Rouding, Addition and Subtraction. All of these skills are in my Fall Math Center Packet for Bigger Kids
I have these work station cards in addition, subtraction AND multiplication. They are easy to assembly and the kids love how they are themed. 
You can check out all of these centers right here.

Story Elements Anchor Charts

We’ve also started story elements this week. I’ve always created and used anchor charts, but now that I’m in  4th grade, we create them together. I create one as I introduce the lesson. Once I’ve introduced the concept and thoroughly instructed it, the students create one in their Reading Binders. I found these binders on TpT and absolutely LOVE THEM! So the kids really have enjoyed creating their own anchor charts and making them different from mine 🙂 It’s also nice to see them reference their anchor charts during the week..that’s what we make them for, right 🙂 Now, I haven’t posted any pictures of my anchor charts for one reason…and one reason only..I do not have the pretty handwriting we see all over pinterest 🙂 This is why I do EVERYTHING on the computer!!! 
Here are a few examples of our anchor charts:

For the skill Story Elements, we read “Crickwing”! What a cute book! I will have more from that lesson in a few days 🙂
Till next time! 

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