Quick and Easy Math Centers

I don’t know about y’all but this time of year is so crazy! I am spending this week pretty much re-teaching skills from the last six weeks! 
I’ve talked before about my guided math routine. I need to do another post on that as a first grade teacher! Maybe during the break! The reason I LOVE guided math is because the instruction is tailored to each and every student. It is a lot of prep work, but I use several staple centers that are easily differentiated. For example, I use my Number-Order-and-Skip-Counting-Fun- as a staple center. I printed the pages on bright cardstock and laminated them. Some charts only go from 1-50, some 1-100. I also have different variations of skip counting so that my higher students can go above and beyond what our grade level expectations are and my lower students can practice in the areas they struggle with. 

This packet makes several very quick and practical math centers! 

You can check it out HERE

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