Counting Money in First Grade

Hey friends! The past few weeks we’ve been working on counting money. I wanted to share a few strategies that really helped my kiddos!
At the beginning of my money unit, I like to start  out by introducing the coin value by using this printable read aloud!  This way, I can model for my students through the interactive read aloud  how good readers think and ask questions while reading. 


We used Cara’s unit for the next activity. The kids had  hard time understanding how different combinations of coins could equal the same thing.  As a result of using this file, my students really were able to enjoy their math centers and learn at the same time!


  Use Visual Aides to Teach Counting Coins

                      Teaching money by using anchor charts is so helpful in first grade .

Coin posters for teaching money

During my counting money unit, I  like using anchor charts to help the students visualize the process and see the  value of each coin. This gives students a reference or a place to refer back to during our unit. 
For another center, I just added coin stickers to a pink pig. The kids enjoyed using these materials to practice counting money.  I also added dots for touch money. This REALLY helps with kids who struggle with changing how they count money (from 10’s to 5s)



Counting money activities for first and second grade

Using Assessment to Drive Instruction

In order to meet the needs of my students, I use assessment to determine what areas they still need to work on. These assessments are standards based and will help you determine your students needs in counting money and coins. 
Counting Coins Math Assessment for First Grade
Counting Coins Math Assessment


Free Pig Templates for Counting Coins: Blank Pig Cards









Another strategy I used was the one shown below. I hot glued different amounts of coins to a craft stick. I used these at our teacher table for students to count. Next week, we will use these as a center and they will record the amounts in their math journals. I have about 6 different sets. I color coded and numbered the sticks for center purposes so I would know which stick the student is recording. I would carry these sticks and if we had down time in the hall or waiting for a resource, I’d pull one out and point to a kiddo to tell me the amount. I also ask them to give me another way to make the SAME amount of money. 








counting counts easy math activities hands on practice for counting coins
We also used these dice to play “toss the amount”. The students would take turns tossing the dice. Once they land on an amount, they would make the amount with their coins. Then, they would draw or record the amounts in the recording sheet. I just have them draw a circle with the number inside of what each coin is worth showing they know the value of each coin. You can get the recording sheets here for free. 
We also used a few centers from my April Math Packet. This packet has 12 math centers    that are spring themed. 
Here are a few other center ideas for counting coins  from my Ultimate Math Center Packet




As Spring draws near, we have added these little picture mats and word problem mats to our spiral review center. The kiddos are LOVING them. 
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