Crusade for Safety 2016

I can’t believe only a few years ago, I shared one of the most personal and traumatic events to ever happen in my life with you. I woke up one day and heard God tell me “It’s time, Ashley”. He meant, it’s time to do something you’ve always wanted to do. Use that horrific event to help someone else. I wish that this wasn’t my story to tell. I wish that it never happened to me. But it did. Someone once told me that I shouldn’t keep bringing this up. I find that kinda of comical, because other than on this specific type of post (Crusade for Safety), I typically do NOT bring it up. However, everytime I have a facial or switch hair dressers, I am asked “What happened to your face?”. Most people tell me they have never noticed, and that might be true. I notice, every single day. I know the scars and the pain that is behind the story.
17 years ago today, my life changed. 
The purpose of my “Crusade for Safety”, isn’t for my therapy, it’s for you. You see, I have a constant reminder about why safe driving is important. I don’t want YOU to have that same reminder. Although I will probably NEVER remember the exact details, I remember enough. I know that a car full of teenagers  can not be a safe idea. I know that newly licensed drivers are 4 times more likely to be in a fatal car accident (U.S. DOT) 
If you have a moment, please take the time to talk to your kids about safe driving. A few guidelines/questions I always like to mention:
*What kind of car will your teen have? Sports car? Research the stats on teen BOYS with SPORTS CARS…the stats are not pretty. 
*How many kids will my driver have in the car?
*How far will my teenager be driving?
*Do they have a cell phone? Do they understand the importance of not texting and driving? 
*What should my teenager do if they are in an accident? 
*Does my teenager feel comfortable calling me in the case of a bad decision that leaves them impaired?
*Does my teen know what to do if a friend is impaired and tries to drive?
*Do we have a set curfew that our child cannot drive after?
*Does my teenager understand why it’s important to wear a seat belt EVERY SINGLE TIME? My friend, Jimmy, insisted that we wear our seat belts. It saved our lives. Plain and simple. 
I love that you all let me share my heart and soul of my classroom with you. I also love that you allow me to share this with you and  you take the time to read and think about my story. I can’t bring Jimmy back, it’s not in the plan. I can, however, tell as many people as I can about him. 
All of these years later and I want his memory to live on. He saved my life. He changed who I am is a person. He believed in me. He would have wanted me to be “ME”….and sharing my heart is who I am. Just ask anyone who knows me IRL. I never stop talking and smiling. Even as I write this out, I’m smiling. Of course, I miss him. Of course, I wish that he didn’t have to die. But he did. He did. 
Thank you friends. I love you for letting me share this part of my life with you! <3 nbsp="" p="">

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