Teacher Testimony

Whoaaa, it’s been a while since I’ve opened this poor ole blog. I have MISSED this collaboration we share through this blog. Even though I still talk with everyone on Facebook,  this blog has been such a fun little outlet for me over the last several years!! 
One thing that I’ve always mentioned is that  we all know education can be rough. I’ve always been the type that instead of looking for everything that’s WRONG, I’ve tried to identify what’s right. I spend a lot of time in prayer about this and reflecting on the why.
I’ve come back to something that I’ve always said: remember why you are doing this. You became a teacher for a reason. You are in education for a REASON. 
I know I’ve shared my heart with you all with the Crusade for Safety, and that one single event has shaped me into the person I am today. It’s the reason I became an educator. It’s the reason I am so passionate about what I do. I’m sure we can all look back and pinpoint certain events, happy or sad, that helped shape us into the people we are today.  All of our reasons are different, but we should have the same common goal: to see students succeed and do whats best for our students.

So this is a shorter post, but I wanted to give us that reminder and share that we are in this together! Keep on trucking, because those little ones depend on you! It can be a challenging world in education, between the politics, little pay and personal challenges, education can be difficult. With all of that said, there’s nothing else I would want to do with my life than help children be successful. I encourage you to share your teacher story with others. You NEVER know who you will inspire! I’m inspired every day with the educators I get the chance to work with!

Share your teacher testimony with use by using hashtag #Teachertestimony

I can’t wait to read you all have to share!

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