Job Interview Tips for Teachers

It’s that time of year when new teachers start applying for  new positions. Veteran teachers that are wanting a change also start looking for positions. Job interviews can be a scary and challenging task. As an educator who has moved a lot,  I’ve found a few tips that helped me remain calm and allow me  have a great interview!
job interview tips for teachers
Job interview tips for teachers

Job Interview Tip for Teachers #1

The first tip I’d share with you when going on  a teaching job interview is that you know the grade level and standards of the grade level that you are applying for.  Do your homework to really learn the state standards and expectations of that grade level. So it’s very impressive when a candidate comes in and is aware of standards before being hired. This will show that you know how to prepare and understand the rigor of what you need to teach.

Job Interview Tip #2

 The next tip I’d like to share that might seem obvious, yet some often forget: Be on time and dress professionally. I often see candidates who arrive late and are not dressed appropriately. If you are a female, be sure your dress or skirt is knee length. Furthermore, candidates who arrive on time and who are dressed professionally, assure the administrator that you value professionalism. If you are being interviewed for a teaching position, double check that your style is professional and not just stylish. What is in style, is not always professional. 

Job Interview Tip #3

Research the school that you are interviewing at thoroughly. Look up their data for the last three years and be prepared to discuss their strengths and weaknesses. You will want to show that you are knowledgeable about general facts about the school (is the school title one?  What are the demographics of the school? etc)  Be prepared to ask questions. Google the school you are applying to and switch over to news. Make sure that you are applying for a school that would be a good fit for YOU! 

Job Interview Tip #4

Be honest. I think most candidates always set out to be honest. However, if they are asked a question they are unsure of, sometimes we are scared to tell the truth. If I’m ever asked a question that I do not know the answer to, I like to tell the administrator, that I’m not familiar with that procedure, resource or strategy.  Often, I will follow with saying that I’m always researching and wanting to learn, so as a result,  I look forward to learning the new procedure, resource or strategy with them as my mentor. This shows that you are willing to learn and you admit that you do not know it all. That’s a very good quality to have for educators! We should always be willing to learn! 

Job Interview Tip #5

Relax. Look at your teaching job interview as a formal meeting with a friend. Do this because you want to  treat the administrator like you’ve known them forever. Also, remember to be flexible during the job interview. Furthermore, if you arrive and the administration  isn’t quite ready, just be sure to be patient. Education is a difficult field but a  person who is professional, knowledgeable and willing to learn is the ideal candidate for most schools. 

Finally, if you are still unsure of how to prepare for your interview, join our free group to chat with other educators about how to NAIL your job interview!  These tips will allow you to stay relaxed but make sure you do really well on your teaching job interview!