Thanksgiving Read Alouds

Thanksgiving is only one week away. At the school my children attend, they are practicing asking and answering questions in reading. Each grade level from Kindergarten through fifth grade practiced this standard. We use a Balanced Literacy model and have spent a lot of time focusing on increasing our interactive read alouds. During this week, teachers wanted to use Thanksgiving read alouds to review asking and answering questions in reading. The best part about these Thanksgiving books are they are engaging and interactive! The students LOVE these Thanksgiving read alouds! 


If You Were A Kid At The First Thanksgiving

If You Were A Kid At The First Thanksgiving is a great read aloud to use to asking questions and text features. This thanksgiving children’s book includes so many text features like side bars and timelines. When teachers are using this book, we wanted to focus on vocabulary and higher order comprehension skills. This book takes a fictional account and a historical account. The author uses fictional characters and ties them into events that actually happened. I love having my students decide which part of the story was fiction and which part was real. The books allows for teachers to point out how text features impact how we read stories.  You can find out more about these November read aloud lesson plans HERE. 


Thanksgiving  Read Aloud Lesson Plans

Thanksgiving Reading Activities, Thanksgiving Read Alouds

Thanksgiving Read Alouds

A Turkey for Thanksgiving by Eve Bunting is such a cute story to use as a Thanksgiving read aloud. The main character goes out looking for a turkey. The book allows for students to ask questions like “I wonder what the moose will do with the turkey?”. There’s so many chances for students to ask and answer questions along with having a rich vocabulary. The students had a great time that thinking about the characters and how the setting impacts the story. Students really enjoy this story and love the Thanksgiving reading activities that go a long with it.


Thanksgiving Read Aloud 3

Teachers wanted vocabulary lessons, interactive read aloud plans and a comprehension quiz. You can find that more here. These resources super helpful during that time when teaching is just plain survival mode! It’s all like throw out there the skills and hope something sticks 😉 

I am off to work on interactive plans like these for December, but I’d love to hear on Facebook what skill you are teaching. If you are feeling run down or burned out, I encourage you to check this (old) post about feeling that way.