At Home Learning Ideas During Covid-19

During this time of so many unknown things, my mind is spinning. I know I have value that can help parents during this difficult time and I wanted put anything together that I could to help. Parents are instantly thrown into a teacher like role. I’ve complied a list of at home learning ideas during COVID-19 for parents and teachers to use during this crazy time.

Keep Routines During At Home Learning

Routines are good for children anytime, but during this once in a lifetime crisis we are facing, routines are necessary. I am NOT suggesting you try to “teach” your child for 8 hours a day. You will both go crazy and be ready to quit around day 2. I do suggest you offer a minimal schedule. Let’s face it, in school, there is down time. When we transition from one activity to another, when we have recess or specials, there is time that is not fully instruction time.

Types of Routines for Learning At Home

These are just examples and could be easily added to. The point is incorporate other types of learning than just worksheets. Have time together as a family. Use this time to truly dedicate to our families. I am SO guilty of not being PRESENT sometimes with my family and truly think this is a perfect time to get back to the basics. We don’t have to make at home learning during COVID 19 difficult for our parents OR the kids!

You can find math choice boards HERE for FREE. You can find more choice boards for math HERE.

First Grade

Second Grade Math Choice Boards FREE

Reading choice boards can be found HERE.

Read to Your Kids Every Day at Home

Reading is such an important part of your day. Have your students read newspapers or magazines. Have children read a recipe book and cook dinner. Make this time something that is a little out of the ordinary for them so that they stay interested. Reading doesn’t have to always be a chapter book and AR quiz. If you have boys or girls who are not really into reading, try some reluctant reader activities. If you need ideas for books to read, check this out.

Make Math at Home Fun

Math is a subject some students do not like. Find ways around your house to do basic computation problems. For your kindergarten and first grade students, try having them count everyday objects. A few years ago, I shared some tips for how to make math fun. These could easily be done at home. Pull out those dusty board games and write math problems on them (or sight words). This is a GREAT way to make at home learning fun!

Keep Academics Strong

This is the part that most parents are not sure about. If you aren’t sure WHAT to teach your kids, message me or e-mail me. Let’s chat. If you have a kindergarten or first grader, focus on phonics and sight words.

For Kindergarten- review letters and sounds. Can your students identify their letters ? Can they write their first and last name? Are your student able to identify blends such as (TH, SH, CH, FL, SL, CL, etc) Can they read kindergarten level sight words? Click here for free kindergarten sight word flash cards.

For First Grade- review all short vowel words (cat, jet, log, kit, tub) If your student can easily read those words, move on to harder phonics skills. You can find ready made and printable phonics games HERE. You can also find an entire binder full of reading activities right here. This is a GREAT way for students to practice reading each day during their at home learning phase.

For Second Grade- Begin to review all long vowel words. Practice building words and reading them in sentences so students can understand their meaning. Students can start to practice comprehension activities by identifying the main idea of a story. Main idea is the first skill I’d start working with my second grader at home.

For Third Grade- Teach your students about prefixes and suffixes

prefix literacy centers

For Fourth Grade Students- Practice building students fluency. As a result, your students will be able to understand what they read better if their fluency increases. You also print some literacy centers, have your kids cut them out and complete the activities.

at home learning mats for home school or during COVID-19
First Grade Learning for At Home or Distance Learning

These kindergarten learning mats are so kid and parent friendly!

You can also visit here and click on your students grade level to find more activities.

Free Digital Learning Resources

Here a short and simple list for you to collect FREE resources.

At Home Learning Resource #1- Digital Daily Slides

At Home Learning Resource #2- Digital FREE Resource List

Resource for At Home Learning #3 Free Resources on My Blog

Resource for At Home Learning #4- Free Resources in my store

FINAL FREEBIE~> Mega Google Drive Folder with TONS of Resources!

I hope these ideas and resources help you with at home learning ideas during COVID 19.