Distance Learning Ideas

Teaching During COVID-19

Well, 2020 has been such a crazy ride. We are almost (maybe not) getting used to our new normal since COVID-19. Online education used to be something for college students and maybe some high school. Overnight, distance learning became a new way of life for every student. Even kiddos as young as kindergarten and first grade have been strapped to a screen to get their education. I wanted to give you a list of resources to help during this very trying time in the classroom . In the spring, I shared some other ideas to help with teaching from a distance.

Distance Learning for First Grade Reading Intervention

We changed our phonics routine up a bit during our routine. All of our long vowel work became a game!

Online Reading Games

Small Group Reading During Remote Learning

One of the most challenging parts of teaching online, is the small group part of our day. This week, I spoke with parents and teachers and this was their biggest frustrations. People expressed concerns of having every student read at the same time and it causing distractions for others. I have a suggestion for you. Have the students mute, but still read out loud. Watch the students facial expressions but just have one student unmuted at a time. This will work especially for first grade or kindergarten students. We start our lessons with a powerpoint on the phonics skill we are learning. Then, we move into sight word practice. After that, students will read aloud.

Once we finish reading, I give students an online game to play or activity to grade. Read Works has been a LIFE saver. We can assign our reading and assignments right in Google Classroom.


Kindergarten Distance Learning Ideas

Kindergarten teachers e-mailed me and asked for help with their small group reading intervention. So we went to work quickly and created a Google Slides resource just for Kindergarten teachers!

In conclusion, we know that distance learning has really been a struggle. Chime in over on Facebook to tell us what is working and what isn’t working for you!