Take Home Reader Kit for Free

Hey friends! I wanted to share with you a tip that I use with my students. Parents are often asking me: Teacher, how can I help my student at home? My response is always: Read with your students every single day AND let’s try a free take home reader kit. So, I created this letter. I put it at the top of every single kit. This will give parents the support they need and students the opportunity to grow in the skills they specifically need.

free take home reading kit for struggling readers

How I create my Take Home Reader Kits

I attach the welcome letter to the front of my kit. Based on my students needs, I pull activities from my intervention binders. In this particular photo, I also added some of Cara Carroll’s phonics activities. I throw in a book or two as well, usually one of the one dollar books from Scholastic. The best part is, I can give a parent volunteer a list of sections I need copied from the reading intervention binders, and they run them off in groups. So when I need a certain skill, I just pull the sections out and all them to the envelopes.

The point of the take home reader kit is for parents to have a fun and engaging way to practice foundational skills. The kit is designed for students to have a few minutes each day. It’s OKAY if you are using the intervention binders in the classroom, it’s like a double dip by sending these home!

take home reader kit

I store all of my take home reader kits in poly envelopes.


In the picture shown here, I’m using my short vowel literacy activities to help student practice decoding skills. I created easy games for parents to use with their students so that children can master decoding and reading short vowel words.

I’ve included some free and blank word work activities in the take home reader kit and am glad to help you put yours together. We can connect on Facebook to share how we are helping our kids!