Student Engagement During Spring

Spring can be a difficult time in the life of a student. They are counting down the days until Spring Break or just coming off Spring Break only to count down until summer.  As a teacher, it’s important to help student engagement during spring. 
As a teacher, it’s difficult to keep the kids engaged during this time because the kiddos can be quite the challenge. 
In my classroom, I work really hard to make sure my students are actively engaged during the learning process.  During Spring, this is especially tough to raise student engagement. 
Spring Activities for Kids

Student Engagement During Spring Fever Tip 1

Use fun and engaging literacy centers. The use of seasonal centers is very powerful. We are really focusing on word study. I like to combine spelling and vocabulary whenever possible. These games do just that! My students really love the word building puzzles
Student Engagement During Spring Reading Passages
These spring reading passages are great for teaching compare and contrast. They are engaging and contain a lot of vocabulary and fluency practice.

Read Spring Themed Books

During Spring, it’s important to use books that are relevant to this time of year. Here’s a list of my favorites!

Student Engagement for Spring Book Ideas

Use Puzzles to Enhance Student Engagement

The use of puzzles is a great way to increase student engagement. I even made printable ones! The best part about the puzzles is that we aren’t just practicing spelling or decoding. We are also using this as an opportunity to practice vocabulary as well.

Spring Activities for Kids

Use Spring Themed Manipulatives

Student Engagement for Spring
These mini erasers are ALWAYS a fun hit! We use these for counting, classifying and just plain classroom management rewards.

Get Students Outside During Spring

Another tip I like to share with teachers during Spring, is to get students outside. Take your lesson outside whenever possible. On bright, sunny days, grab some clipboards and head outside!