Tips For Parents to Prevent the Summer Slide

Tips to Avoid the Summer Slide

Summer is near. Teachers feel it. Parents see it and maybe even dread it. Summer can be a difficult time for students academically. Students need the opportunity to refresh, recharge and prepare for the incoming school year. However, they need to be engaged in something academic to prevent them from falling behind before they ever start the new grade level.  In order to prevent this, use these tips for parents to avoid the summer slide.

how to prevent summer slide in elementary

Let Students Read Daily

Parents often tell kids “go to your room and read for thirty minutes”. I’m a mom, I’ve been there. Perhaps we can think of other ways to get kids engaged in the reading process over summer break.  Therefore, students are able to fall in love with reading. Let them read what they want to read so that they are interested in the topics. Forget about “AR” Levels and let kids read what they enjoy. 

Let Students Practice Learning Daily

It’s important to let students spend about 20 minutes a day reviewing what they’ve learned the last year in school. For more parents, I recommend using at home learning mats or intervention binders. They are a great way to review previously taught skills!  From PreKindergarten through Second grade, these mats are so helpful to prevent the summer slide.

prevent summer slide
prevent the summer slide in prekindergarten

Use material that is easy to follow or made for at home learning. 

Use Intervention Binders

Intervention binders off a great way to review prior to the next school year. They include charts and directions to help parents and teachers reinforce the skills included. At the end of the year, I print the binders out and send them home with students who need a little extra help.