Back To School Ideas for 2022

Every single year this back to school ideas time just creeps up on us. In addition to the fact it comes so fast, I wanted to share some back to school ideas with you that have helped me transition smoothly.

Back To School Ideas Tip 1

One of the first things I do when preparing my lessons for back to school is pick my read alouds. This way, I can center the skills and messages around the books. Furthermore, read alouds allow teachers to model for students routines and expectations plus teach valuable fluency skills. Here are a few of my favorite books I use every year:

back to school read aloud ideas

Interrupting Chicken

This book is such a cute story.  The little chicken just can’t contain himself and his words. It’s perfect for the beginning of the year because it teaches students that sometimes we have to wait to say what we want to say at the right time. 


Another favorite is Parachute by Danny Parker. This book is about trying new things and facing your fears. I tie it to school by mentioning how we might all be scared at the beginning of the school year about our new class, teacher and friends. Seriously, this book is  a student favorite. They reread this story on their own EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!

back to school read aloud ideas

We Are All Wonders

This is one of my favorite books to read ever. It’s about a boy who has some facial deformities and looks a little different than others. It teaches students so many things. Mainly, that you never know what it is like to be in someone else’s shows. Furthermore, this book teaches students kindness and love. Finally, to think of others before mistreating them. 

The Other Side

This book is perfect for third through fifth grade. The Other Side is a sweet book about friendship and overcoming difficult times.  The story is perfect for teaching children to love each other and respect each other. I also discuss themes when I read this interactive read aloud. I always use it again when we get to our unit theme. 

Prepare Your Student Files before Back To School

Preparing a students file is an easy way to keep up to date with the data collection throughout the year. I use my data binder to keep up with the needs of my students. Data collection is so important to help track and guide instruction. I set this up quickly and it ends up saving me so much time through the year.

Prepare Hands On Activities For Students 

In addition to read alouds, a staple to a successful first week of school, is having every moment planned out. I use hands on activities to help get to know my students. It allows me to start teaching center expectations right away. We work on these in pairs. This way, students learn the format we will be using and are not expected to just “work quietly” while I do paper work. During this process, I am constantly walking around and taking mental notes of who works well together and who doesn’t. Sometimes, you can tell right  away who doesn’t mesh. 

Prepare for Quiet Time The First Week of School

Finally, most of the day should be spent doing hands on and get to know you activities.  However, you will need a few moments to check their transportation methods and make sure you know where everyone is supposed to go. During this time, I use the read and tally pages. They are quick and engaging. I run them one to two sided or make a little packet.

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