How to Teach Multiplication

Hey friends. One question I get a lot from teachers and parents are “how do you teach multiplication?”. I find there are several helpful ways to teach multiplication. Multiplication can be very tricky so I hope you find these tips for how to teach multiplication helpful.

Use Skip Counting To Teach Multiplication

Skip counting is a method used to teach students how to count in different formats. It is highly effective in teaching students multiplication. Students can learn to skip count as early as Kindergarten. This method helps build blocks to teach multiplication later.  Skip counting can help us understand multiplication because it helps students to count in equal groups to get to a number.

skip counting math centers

How to Use Picture Books During Math

Math picture books allow us to introduce the skill in a different way. When we use a picture book to teach math skills, often the author uses another approach or a change of vocabulary to teach the skill. Plus, it’s always a great idea to add more literacy into your routines. Picture books also give students a real world tie to the math skill that you are teaching.

Use Games To Teach Math Skills

I use a variety of games with cards, printable games and visual aides to instruct students multiplication facts. These games let students practice their multiplication facts by using arrays, pictures and diagrams. I have a free game over on this post. Students need to develop a strong foundation and using a free multiplication math game is a great way to help students learn their facts.

Using a deck of cards is also always such a hit. Furthermore, helping students learn their facts in order is one trick. Once they master this, they can practice their facts out of order. This is why I love using a deck of cards to teach facts. The students have to be on the spot and not just practicing their facts in order.

Use The Correct Academic Vocabulary to Teach Multiplication

Sometimes, it is easy to try to simplify the skill by changing the vocabulary we use. However, I have found that this later hurts students understanding. Furthermore, it is very important to use the term “group of” over times. It is helpful for students to see 4 groups of 6. I teach this through using manipulatives and having students draw it out. It helps so much!

I hope these activities help you teach multiplication to your students. My kiddos always really enjoy these activities and how they are presented in a variety of ways.