Reading Block Schedule

Welcome to  my blog post about how I set up my reading block schedule. I want to share all of the things about my reading block and reading centers. Your ELA block is one of the most important parts of your day. Focus on providing a literacy rich environment so that your students will be successful and strong readers!

reading block schedule

Reading Block Schedule

Five Components Of Reading

I set my reading block based on the five components of reading. It is important we incorporate as many of the components as we can. I use this assessment tool to see where my students are. Here’s a free assessment you can use to test some components.

I use a word study format in my classroom so that students practice more than just spelling. I use words that have a phonics pattern and we study the meaning of the words. This combined approach of decoding, spelling and vocabulary gives students a more meaningful approach to learning.

The biggest piece of advice with setting up centers is to set them up to run in a circle. This will help with transitions. I use a timer to help students transition. I also use the same format for as many centers as a I can. These few tips will help with your reading block schedule.
back to school reading centers

It’s important to make your literacy centers as clear as possible. I use clear picture frames to put anchor charts in to help students remember the directions or skill we are practicing.

By using the same format for centers, it’s easy to keep expectations the same. We spend a lot of time at the beginning of the year practicing routines and procedures. I want my students to know exactly how I want the centers to look.

Print and Play Literacy Centers

I use these print and play centers as one staple center. They are low prep, fun and engaging.

Teacher Led Center

I pull my students from their centers in the younger grades. In the upper grades and depending on my class, I have used ability based centers. The reason for that was that I could use the center work as a classroom grade. However, if I am pulling them from the centers all the time, they do not have the opportunity to finish their work. This is something I decide based on my students. Typically, I have a large amount of struggling students. I carefully decide how ability will affect each group of students. There is no answer for this other than use your judgement. My answer for mixed ability or ability grouping just depends on the class makeup. At my teacher center, I use a lesson plan format that is easy to follow and based on the five components of reading.