Math Intervention Tips for Kindergarten

Today I am going to share. Math Intervention Tips for Kindergarten. This can be a tricky task. How do you know where to start? What if students have no concept of numbers or counting objects? Where do you even begin?

My tips for math intervention start by telling parents to be nice 🙂 Ha! I am just kidding. No seriously, could we be a little nicer to our teachers though? That’s a whole other soap box..back to why you are here!

Start With Assessment

It’s important to know where your students are. So I’ve included math assessments all inside the binder.

Kindergarten is where we really learn how to count and number sense. We teach students about numbers and how two or more make another number. Counting activities are so important for students. I use every day objects for counting practice. Anything that is fun and engaging to help students grasp the concept. We use these number maps to help us see that numbers are written in many forms during math intervention.
Math Intervention Binders are an easy way to incorporate more practice for students. They give students an in depth practice.
Counting activities like this are helpful for students and easy to prep for math intervention in kindergarten.

Proud to be Primary shared this idea years ago and I’ve used it ever since.

I use these Lego Minifigures to help students practice. Affiliate Link This helps students with getting interested in counting and it breaks up the normal routine of chips and bears.

More Math Intervention Practice pictured below