Teaching Place Value

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No matter what grade you teach at some point, you will teach place value.
Teaching place value is something that teachers should do year round.
We are through the back to school routine so  I thought it was a good time to discuss how we  can actively teach place value throughout the year. I use math stations in my classroom.

Use Visual Aides to Teach Place Value

These next few ideas, I have used in both whole group and small group settings.
The first activity is a basic flip chart. This item can be used as a hands on manipulative that allows students to create a number.
I made this chart so easily! My kids were struggling with understanding place value and the order that numbers go in.  I made enough of these charts so that the students could work with a partner to make our numbers.
These were so simple to make! I just used cardstock, binder rings, index cards and a hole punch. I used card stock for the back to make it sturdy. Then, I laminated it using a hard laminating film. This made a difference in how the charts held up. The ones I laminated with the soft film, didn’t make it through the year! We used these charts a lot this year! I hole punched three holes at the top. Next, I wrote numbers out 0-9 on three sets of index cards. Then, I attached the cards to the backing using binder rings. You could easily cut the index cards in half and use smaller binder rings to achieve a higher place value chart.
During small group instruction, I would write a number using words only. The students had to make and stretch out the word.  You could also make this same chart using expanded form.
We also played games using the flip charts. I would use post it notes to write numbers on them and then place them around the classroom. The students would go on hunts and make the numbers they found.  These charts can also go home with students for extra practice at home.

Other Activities for Teaching Place Value

Another great tip for teaching place value is to use the basic base ten blocks. These blocks can help students visualize the numbers.
As an intermediate teacher,  my students should be familiar with base ten blocks and should be able to build the numbers in a math station. This is a great practice that should be done throughout the year. The teacher can add difficulty to this station as needed. It’s just a great anchor station that you can use anytime of the year.
Students can work on place value stations like the one pictured below.
A few additional tips:
Provide Visual Aides
I love this this anchor chart from Mrs. Sims & Ms. Mathis’

Provide Manipulatives

Provide time to RETEACH!
Place Value will have to be taught several times. This is why I think it’s important to never stop reteaching it. Use it ALL year long!  Here’s a post about read alouds for teaching place value.   
I use a spiral review math center to ensure I am sending skills back through to students. Students are typically practicing place value each and every week!

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