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This teaching resource is perfect for third grade students to use in April. Teachers can use these literacy activities at their guided reading table or as an independent literacy center. Skills covered in this resource are: sight words, vocabulary, writing, grammar and reading comprehension. Students use graphic organizers to practice the reading standard compare and contrast. This is an easy way to show students how to self monitoring while reading.

*Compound Words Match Up- Students match the compound words to the picture cards. Students read the word cards.

*Synonym Cover Up- This is a fun literacy activity to play with a partner. Students learn common synonyms in this hands on activity!

*Spring Vocabulary Word ABC Order- students arrange vocabulary words in abc order.

*Sight Words ABC Order- students arrange third grade sight words in abc order.

*Spring Writing Centers- Third graders practice writing skills in this fun writing lesson.

*Spring Write the Room

*Spring Parts of Speech Word Sort (Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives)

*Spring Parts of Speech Word Sort (Noun, Verb, Adjectives, Prepositions, and Pronouns

*Two Compare and Contrast Reading Passage- Students will read passages on Frogs and Toads, Bees and Wasp in order to practice comparing and contrasting.

*Sight Word ABC Order- There are four separate levels of sight words included to create four literacy work stations for students.

*Sight Word Puzzles- students build their sight words through creating puzzles.

Students will love these engaging and hands on resources. Another great way to use them is to model for students how to complete the activities correctly. I also use them with a teachers aide or paraprofessional.

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