Bat Literacy Centers

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Bat Literacy Centers for Halloween

This mini packet includes 9 Bat Themed Literacy Centers and 4 Printables!

*Batty for ABC Order- Students arrange the short vowel cards in ABC Order (1 Printable)

*Batty for ABC Order (2)- Students arrange the words in bat words in ABC Order

*Batty for Blends- Students read the cards and then sort them onto the correct mat ( 3 Printables)

*Batty for Sight Words- A Sight Word Game

*Batty for Making Words- Students practice making short vowel words

*Batty for Short Vowels- Students read the cards and sort them by short vowel sounds

*Batty for Parts of Speech- Students read the cards and sort them by parts of speech

*Batty for Sentences- Students arrange the word cards in order to make a sentence

*Batty for Syllables- Students segment the words and sort them by how many syllables each word has.

*Batty for Fact and Opinion

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