Digraph Literacy Centers

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Digraph Literacy Centers and No Prep Worksheets

This file contains 22 Literacy Centers and 56 no prep printables!

Digraph Literacy Centers

*ch/th/sh/wh Word Sort

*ch/sh Word Sort

*ch/th Word Sort

*wh/sh Word Sort

*th/wh Word Sort

*Beginning and Ending CH Word Sort

*CH, SH, TH, WH ABC Order (4 Centers)

*Digraph Memory- CH, SH, TH, WH (4 Centers)

*Digraph Match Up- CH, SH, TH, WH (4 Centers)

*Having Fun with CH Words (Board Game)

*Having Fun with SH Word (Board Game)

*Digraph WH/TH Word Fun (Board Game)

No Prep Printables

*ch/th/sh/wh Word Sort

*ch/sh/th Word Sor

*Beginning and Ending CH/TH/SH Word Sorts (3)

*See It Write It (6 Printables)

*Picture It (5 Printables)

*Draw It (4)

*Highlight and Write (4)

*Create a Story (6)

*ABC Order (4)

*Real/Nonsense Word Sorts (4)

*Trace!Write! Decorate (8)

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