First Grade Reading Intervention

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First Grade Reading Intervention Binder

This reading intervention binder was created by a reading specialist. It is designed for small group instruction for first grade. This reading intervention binder includes over 430 pages of engaging and unique intervention activities. Teachers love this no prep intervention resource to help their students become strong readers!


Reading Assessments- Formative Beginning Sound Assessment, Rhyming Assessment, Sight Word Assessments (Reading Levels A-H), Word Awareness Assessment, Syllable Assessment, Short Vowel Assessments, Blends and Digraphs Assessments, Silent E Assessments

Letter Sound Identification:

I know My Letters and Sounds activities and assessments

Break It/ Blend It- Students break up the word and blend it together

Decode It- Students decode words and then blend them together to read fluently. (Short vowels words and blends/digraphs)

Sight Words- I Say Words , Read, Trace and Write the Words, I Say Sentences I Say Sentences II , Sight Word Tic Tac Toe , and Write the Word II

Nonsense Words- Students circle and write nonsense words 6 pages and data collection sheet

Rhyming Words- Word Family Poems- an, -ag, ad, ap, am, at, en, et, ed, eg, it, ig, ip, in, ob, op, ot, og, ub, ug, un, ut.

Rhyme Time

Syllables Activities: Syllable Count, How Many Syllables

Word Building: Students identify the beginning sound of a word. Blends and Digraphs

Fluency: Phrase Cards, Fluency Passages (5), I Say, You Point (3 assessments with data recording sheets)

Comprehension: Sentence Match , Story Spinners , Finish the Sentence, Story Map,Reading Journal, Story Sequence, Character Comparison, Reading Comprehension Passages

Vocabulary~ Match the Word , Synonyms, Antonyms

We've also included a running record analysis to help you decide which interventions to use!

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