R Blends Literacy Centers

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R Blends Literacy Centers for First and Second Grade

This packet contains hands on r blends literacy centers, r blends anchor charts and r blends worksheets, activities. All centers include recording sheets!

*7 Anchor Charts (cr, br, gr, dr, fr, tr, pr)

R Blends Literacy Centers:

* R Blends ABC Order Literacy Center (7 Centers)

* Write the Room (7 Centers)

*Puzzle Match Up/Memory Game (7 Centers)

*R Blends Four In a Row (3 Centers)

*BR/CR Word Sort

*GR/PR Word Sort

R Blends Activities and Printables:

gr/br/cr/pr word sort

dr/tr/fr/br word sort

dr/ br word sort

cr/ fr word sort

pr/tr word sort

Trace It! Write It (cr, gr, pr, br, dr, fr, tr)

Trace! Write It 2 ( tr, br)

Trace it! Write it! Draw it! ( br, cr,dr, tr,gr, fr,pr)

Write the Word (with word bank)- dr, br, cr,pr, gr ,tr

Circle and Write The Word ( 5 pages)

Create a Story~ students create a silly story using the given words

(cr, br, gr, dr, fr, tr, pr)

Real/Nonsense Word Sorts- Students sort the words by real or nonsense. (cr, br, gr, dr, fr, tr, pr)

Write It/Decorate it~ Students practice tracing, writing and decorating the given words. (cr, br, gr, dr, fr, tr, pr)

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