S Blends Literacy Centers

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This S Blends Literacy packet is full of 19 Centers (& more coming) and 47 No Prep Printables!

Anchor Charts ( st, sn, sm, sp, sc, sk )

Word Sorts: st/sp, sk/sn, sw/sm, sc/sp (4 centers)

Blend Match Ups: sm, st, sp, sn, sw (5 centers)

Blend Memory: sm, st, sp, sn, sw (5 centers)

Write the Room: st, sp, sn, sm, sk ( 5 centers)

No Prep Printables (47 Printables): Word sort (sm, sn, sp, st), Write it! Trace It, Draw It, Picture It, Highlight it, Cirle and Find, Create a Story, Real/Nonsense Word Sort, ABC Order, Write it! Decorate it!

Thank You!

Ashley Benoit
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