Where does the time go?

Let me  start off by saying I really, REALLY, thought this would be a little bit easier to keep up with! I really do enjoy sharing my experiences in the classroom and reading about all of yours! Now that I’ve discovered blogland..I do not know how I ever taught without it! But keeping a blog is a lot harder than reading them 😉

This week we’ve been working super hard on our sight words! After Christmas, I tested my students, and it seemed as if we had forgotten every..single..sight word we’ve ever learned 🙂 So, since then, I’ve made sure, to get all of that extra practice in! One of my favorite ways is to “Line Whisper”. In the halls, I carry a little set of flash cards. When we are waiting to enter specials, or our destination, I show them the card, they whisper the word. They love it! 


Now, it’s February, and we are really hitting these sight words HARD! 

Of course, work stations is the best time to get our practice! I’ve been working on work stations for the past two weeks non stop. Just when I feel like I have every skill they need, I discover another area that we need help! I do not think I will EVER have enough work stations/centers..you know? Seems like we always need something!

Their favorite work station was the “Sweet Sight Word Memory”. This came out of my Valentine’s Day Packet. You can check it out  Here. ANDDDD



I hope your students enjoy these fun February Sight Word Games

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